A chapbook by Halle Preneta.


Softcover, 55ish pages.


DIY'ed in Houston, Texas.




"A cruel beauty of a trick is to describe a pit in the heart of a black hole before you drag someone into one—Halle Preneta does so in The Event Horizon, and I'm so thankful for it. Reading this is a hazy, fuzzy playback of memory, all with a narration that keeps you enraptured with the harsh heat of unvarnished honesty. Every word in The Event Horizon is a fragile, fragmented wisp of marble, dropped on your skull like a burning hammer- their impact will stay with you for an eternity."


- CLEM FLOWERS (low rent aesthete, dramatic tenor, author of Stoked & Thrashing and Two Out of Three Falls)


"Halle Preneta's portraits fuse the person that was with the person that we see them as into something that blends fiction and reality, love shaping both us and them into someone new. Preneta seeks to stave off the ending, but The Event Horizon reminds us that for those we have loved there can never be a true end, even if sometimes we desire oblivion."


- SARAH MALINI (poet, author of Decennium)