DIGITAL EDITION of nat raum's third chapbook, specter dust.


29 pages. Includes a link to a ~vibes~ playlist.


Designed, printed, and bound in Houston, TX.


"specter dust is a shining melancholy, a reminder of the darkness within us like stars around the earth. nat raum notably reflects on gender identity, making pink nail polish feel as destructive as pushpins against the skin. in stark expressions of sickness and heartbreak, this chapbook digs us a grave and makes us take a bath in it. it's honest, ruthless, and so seductive to sadness."


—Pascale Potvin, author of SEX, GOD, & OCD (2023) and Editor-in-Chief of Wrongdoing Magazine


"specter dust is a viciously honest collection of raw emotion. nostalgia nips and gnaws at raum's heartstrings in this beautifully haunting narrative. come bleed into the pages as each piece strikes you in your core."


—V.L. Parz, author of HOLLOW BODIES and FALSE IDOLS and founder of Jetpack Magazine


nat raum (b. 1996) is a queer disabled artist and writer from Baltimore, MD. they hold a BFA in Photography and Book Arts and they’re currently an MFA candidate in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts at the University of Baltimore. nat is also the editor-in-chief of fifth wheel press, a queer literature and art publishing space.


past and upcoming publishers of nat’s writing include trampsetKissing Dynamite PoetryCLOVESperhappened, and Delicate Friend. they are the author of three books: preparatory school for the end of the world (self-pub, 2021), you stupid slut (Dream Boy Book Club, 2022), and this one. they have also created a number of photography books and zines that also incorporate text.


when they are not “making art” or “writing,” nat can be found listening to ambient music and drinking la croix. they write a weird pop culture substack blog called the pool that talks about reality tv and video games (for the moment), and they are an avid fan of cannabis.


find them online:


instagram & twitter: @gr8earlofhell


specter dust — PDF