PRE-ORDER Lucas Restivo's poetry collection, 'FUCKO.'


64 pages. Out September 30, 2022.



"A plunge into the neurotic brain if the neurotic brain had its birthday party at an Italian-American Chuck E. Cheese. It’s fun, it’s masculine, it’s jabbing, and complex boy thoughts at their best. Lucas Restivo is 'the happy lamp of my little life.'"

 — Ari Lisner


"Graced by the Gift of Gab, FUCKO breaks all the rules of thirty, flirty, thriving. It is all-American because it hates weddings and work, likes shitting and love stories. These poems speak to you across suffering—they access a universal dichotomy of feeling both unfuckable and god-like. FUCKO will air the dirty laundry of loneliness, Restivo’s, yours, mine, sharing an earnesty that doesn’t care about being sexy. Eligible and waiting for you, this collection is a bachelor with a deli meat rose."

Carson Jordan


"Stupid is smart, dog is dead, suburban degenerate is chic, the meaning of life is working at a deli and trying to reconcile meaning in poetic phone notes during your smoke break. FUCKO is Kevin Smith as a siren crooning 'who the fuck cares but actually I care, I really really do' and it’s sexy."

Riley Mac



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