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Scott loved swimming underwater. He was so thankful his parents bought this aboveground pool. He was gonna spend all summer in it! For the first time since his pup Scooter got run over, he was happy.

He wished Scooter were here to swim. But that was a sad thought. Scott pushed it away and opened his eyes underwater.

The plastic bottom of the pool bulged. Was it a mole?

Then he realized his Dad put the pool over Scooter’s grave.

Scott backed up. A ragged paw emerged, then the glint of teeth.

Scooter was mad that Scott was happy again.



Paul Wilson's fantasy-western novel, Cassidy Smith Book One, was published by Black Rose Writing in September 2021. He has been published in three Writer’s Unite anthologies, as well as in Theme of Absence, Electric Spec, Dream of Shadow, Tales from the Moonlit Path, and others. His short story collection Tricks and Treats and novel Hostage were published by Asylett Press. He also won the Aiken Community Playhouse’s first playwright contest, which produced and performed his two-act play, (You're Invited to) Uncle Fangenstein's Last Show.

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