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Rain came crashing down on the lid of her white Honda

Like missiles shot from heaven

Like tiny fallen angels, blessing my vision

Blue eyes lighten in holy oblivion

Watching stars fall is our tradition

I couldn’t hear her breathe

Nor her broken radio's broken hum

Though I felt her palm slip into mine

Pale and fragile skin turned numb

I couldn’t think

Wood, hollow

Allowing her thoughts to consume me

Her skin embeds mine

She’s the one

Pull me out of the deep, my friend

Reach through my skin, alter my core

For I worship your sincerity

And I had no one to admire before



I’ll allow your hands to slowly drift up my skirt

Your fingertips grip my skin and my mouth opens wide

If only to be given something to gnaw on to let silence fill the room

To fill my mouth with pleasure and your thumb allowing my tongue to hide

For if I were to let out a sound my bed tonight shall be a tomb

So I set out for sea on a silent and romantic ride

Oh hold me




Until all I feel is the warmth making its way from your hands to my thighs

And the pain that resonates hidden within me

Isn’t visible to the human eye

I wouldn’t mind if you made me cry

If you allowed the words that roll off your tongue to torment and torture me

Until my eyes leak

And I feel as though my under eyes are peeling

Being ruined is such a wonderful feeling

Pull me

In by the waist to meet your lips

Oh the taste of you is filled with sweet serendipity

And holding your face in the soft parts of my palms

Is what keeps my eyelids from slowly drifting to meet each other when day comes to


I could never call you a friend

Even if we part ways and pretend that our days together

Weren’t worth all that missing

And that we wasted time

In movies left unfinished

With your hand on my thigh

Infinitely kissing



When I think of you

And my eyes blur to our vision

My skin feels of ecstasy

and shivers coated in stutters

Your arms wrapping around me shake with each and every shutter

I cry and yelp in pain of how you put me through it all

And finally

Oh so suddenly

Tears begin to fall

You turn my eyes to puddles

how hard it is to see your face through water

Should you be able to see your reflection when looking into the salt water that you give

permission to dance down my cheeks

Though my tears dripping down your lips is the greatest

How does it feel to be a sadist?

Dousing your words in power and all you hold against me

At any moment

In any second

I could feel your sharp pains run down my body

At any moment

Any second

I could be saying sorry

My ears flood with your words

And my body floods with it

“You’re doing so well”

If it’s that easy to tell

I’m trying so hard

I struggle and fight and kick at the absolute idea that I ought to be refused

My rebuttal ought to be returned with the sound of slaps that echo in my hallways

If only everyone can hear

How good you make me feel

But I can’t bear

The idea of you putting me in my place

I can’t bear

In a snap you can change my face

Make my eyes widen

And my lips lie parted

My pupils dilate and beam

Blush floods my cheeks in a stream

And my eyebrows curl up

Leaving me completely and utterly



If we both wish to do this again

Both wish to feel faint on a Friday

I’d say

Leave me shaking in tears

I’ll just make sure

That whatever I do

I’ll avoid all of the mirrors


Casey Law is a female poet who was born and currently resides in New Jersey. She has published a teenage mental health poetry book and has upcoming work in Poetry Nation, GENCONTROLZ, and Write Now Lit.

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