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Black storm clouds darkened the horizon, and a stiff wind punched the ship's sails. Men rushed about the deck. Milena stood to the captain’s right as he steered the ship between dark craggy rocks. The captain stepped aside, and Milena took the helm as the men lashed each other down. ​ She’d trained for this moment. Her sole purpose on the ship was to keep the sailors safe from the lure of Sirens. There was only one problem. Milena herself was not immune to their allure. Her choices before joining the ship were prostitution or starvation. She’d believed Sirens to be a myth, so her choice had been clear. And she didn’t have time to regret the decision as the first note of their enchanted song reached her ears and a thrill shot through her. Ecstasy pooled in her stomach and slithered lower. Heaven filled her ears, and she tilted the helm to the right. She was filled with the urge to get closer. To behold the Sirens with her own eyes. Heavenly voices carried on the strong wind enveloped the ship as rocks scraped the hull and water poured into the hold. With the ship run aground, Milena walked to the rail. Deep blue waves crashed against the ship as the first drops of rain fell against her skin. Milena climbed onto the rail and the singing ceased. Creatures cut through the water toward the sinking ship. The men began to yell and struggle against their restraints. As the first Siren climbed on board, their yells turning to screams as the Sirens peeled their flesh from their bones and devoured them. There was a thud on the deck behind Milena. She turned and came face to face with a Siren. Water dripped from her golden skin as she smiled a Cheshire smile and opened her maw, long thin teeth gleaming as she distended her jaw and bit off the captains head. The Siren took one step toward Milena. She backed up and fell off the rail into the swirling sea. Milena clawed her way back to the surface pushing away from the sinking ship. She flailed as panic finally filled her. Pain flared in her leg and red stained the water around her. Milena kicked and pain shot through that leg as well. The Siren wrapped a hand around her ankle and pulled her under the water. Milena’s legs felt heavy, and her lungs burned as she watched the bubbles from the last of her air fizzle toward the surface. The Siren swam up until she was even with Milena. As her vision tinged with black, the Siren opened her mouth and wrapped it around Milena’s. Pain sliced through her face before she blacked out from lack of oxygen.


As before, Emily is writing as Eady H.

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