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Sometimes, you’re an emotional mess and you can’t write and you feel bad about that cause you’re like damn this is my writing time I should be writing but everything comes out self-pitying and dark and you try to write something poetic about the flies in your room but it sounds creepy and melodramatic and so maybe you should stop writing but do something else productive instead?

Recognize that you can’t write right now, ask yourself what you can do, and find the answer, which is that you can pull grapes off the vine and store them in the freezer so you have a yummy frozen grape snack for later. It’s risky for a single person to buy a bag of grapes, you know, cause that’s a lot of grapes to consume and there’s a high likelihood they will rot in your fridge, but it’s okay because you’re handling it.

So, yeah, sometimes you can’t write because you’re having a hard time, but you can rescue the grapes in your fridge, and that counts. It’s enough. It’s what you have to give. You can’t write, but you can freeze some grapes, so go freeze them and feel better.



Sage Pantony is a queer and non-binary writer and zinester. They primarily write creative non-fiction, poetry, and other bullshit. Their work covers topics like gender, sexuality, relationships, mental health, trauma, spirituality, and creativity. You can check out their website at or follow them on social media @sage_pantony.

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