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after a month of working from home and my back pain returning

I realized that my chair sucks

(what did I expect from a kitchen chair?)

so I went to the furniture store

hoping to buy some cheap, but not so crappy chair

turned out everything cheap was crappy

so my plan failed miserably

I was feeling sad and sat down on something big and weird simply out of curiosity

and felt hugged. the chair was whispering that it’ll save me from any pain

(maybe emotional too)

now my chair is more expensive than my iPhone

(because now I’m at that age where you start saying you can’t do anything if you’re ill and dead)

(I’m cool)



Damn those finishing touches. They’re the worst. Why can’t things just finish themselves?

You start working on something, you’re full of enthusiasm, every task is cool and exciting.

You get to like 90% and you’re left with all this crap.

“I need to move this line a little bit to the left”,

“This thing is definitely off, but I’m too lazy to do it any other way”,

“Maybe I can just skip this thing, who cares??”

“Ok everyone does”

“Maybe next week”

“Maybe next week”

“Maybe next week”


I’ve always lacked some team members who love working. Because I don’t. I’m like this stream

of wind who brings ideas and breathes life into things, but I could never stay and work on

something for too long. It always seemed so unnatural. I need to move further, spark places as I

pass them by.

You can’t stop the wind. I guess.

And yet I still try. Try to sit down, work, don’t get up until it’s ready to show to the world. Play

this game of what happens first: finishing the project or me starting to hate it. So far hate always


Maybe I should start sharing my work in the middle of the race? (but it’s not cool enough yet,

what’s the point?)

/imagine if I actually shut up and moved the damn line to the left?/



Switching from sipping to screaming favorite lyrics out loud

With each sip my troubles become less of a problem and more of a mood

Mood is great, everybody loves mood

You can’t have a great party without the right mood

Too bad the bottle ends before the day is done

Screaming without having a drink makes me feel like I’m just some idiot disrespecting neighbors

So I just become silent

And no drinks, no screams is not exactly a fun party anymore

So there’s no mood either

I hope this time I’ll get drunk enough not to have a conscious gap before falling asleep



This moment when you’re standing under hot water in the shower and don’t know why you even

keep doing this. You’re already clean.

It just feels good.

When you wash away all the dirt from your body, you want to make sure the dirt from your mind

goes away too.

So you keep standing.

I heard that very hot showers are not good for your skin.

I don’t know.

Much better than keeping all those work phone calls in my head.

The hotter the water is, the less I think. Concentrating only on that red spot from the water on my


I think it’s time to stop.

Wait, I said the exact same thing 10 minutes ago.


I hope I didn’t boil my brain.

I’ll need it for that phone call.

Or not.

Maybe it’s easier to handle phone calls without it?


Karina Kupp (she/her) is a writer, musician, software developer, and creator of Chill Subs. Her work has appeared in The Daily Drunk and is forthcoming in HOLYFLEA!. She can often be found creating yet another Spotify playlist, taking a spontaneous trip to the other side of the world, or thinking about her next startup idea. She currently lives in Poland with her husband and a very adorable cat. Follow her on Twitter @karinakupp or Instagram @mutedpoems.

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