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  1. My car has began driving herself

  2. Not without the key, of course

  3. I start the engine

  4. Rev her a couple times for good measure

  5. Spend some time picking out my ideal driving song

  6. Today it’s “Cruel and Beautiful World” by Grouplove

  7. The bass bumps in my Saturn

  8. People judge me for driving a Saturn

  9. They’re just jealous of my bass, if not because of her shiny lime green coat

  10. I'm a bit of an attention grabber

  11. If you couldn’t already tell

  12. My dad hates my car, hates the color and hates the bass

  13. I hate my dad

  14. My mom is alright, though

  15. I like to hangout in my car more than anywhere else

  16. How rude of me, I forgot to introduce you to my car

  17. Her name is Millie

  18. She is 11 years old

  19. Only 3 years old to me, though

  20. Her gas gauge doesn’t work

  21. We’re all at least a little broken, right?

  22. I have to keep track of my miles so I know when I’m running low

  23. I run out of gas often

  24. My dad always keeps a gas can in the trunk of his Audi for reasons like this

  25. I hate my dad

  26. He offers to buy me a new car every other week

  27. I don't need it

  28. Millie is perfect; she’s my best friend

  29. He says, “how about having a best friend you can actually count on?”

  30. Never had one of those

  31. Not interested

  32. Not necessary

  33. Not happy

  34. Only with Millie

  35. She can’t drive herself, though

  36. I lied

  37. I do that a lot

  38. Don't blame me

  39. Blame yourself

  40. I already told you I was an attention grabber


Jordyn Damato is a 20-year-old accelerated masters English student at Central Michigan University. Her work has appeared in Central Review literary magazine. She enjoys deviating from fictional norms and is a professional air guitarist.

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