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FEBRUARY 24, 1989

A morning like any other / grab your tackle box / misty air / icy at the edges / solitary foghorn / ignore it, Pete / don’t stop / don’t step around that rock / don’t see it on the stony riverbank / the purple blue body / a homecoming queen wrapped in plastic / look away / don’t call Harry and Doc / stay out of it / or someone will put a fish in your percolator / burn down your mill / tape your lips to the tailpipe of a bus / bomb the bank / so ignore the foghorn, Pete / hold that tackle box tight / eyes straight ahead / keep on walking / walking / walking / and know that heaven will hold a place for you whenever you’re ready


Penny Sarmada is from Ontario. Recent stuff in Versification, Cotton Xenomorph, Roi Fainéant, and Sledgehammer. Twitter: @PennySarmada

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