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(a found poem from cupcakke’s song, duck duck goose)

box [c]ake, top of the vending

machine. it’s high, can’t lock

down that box cake. money

between my cropped fingers,

jumpin’ like a duck (or g[o]ose?)

for that box cake. need a ten-foot

ladder for that box cake. like a

tree, the statue of liberty, [c]limb

high while i dream of that box

cake. when i get home, i’m ‘bout

to bake that box cake (in an oven,

high temperature—don’t want

batter box ca[k]e). then: i’ll take

a spoon and eat that box cake.


Matt Hsu is a student from San Francisco, California. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and he’s published or forthcoming in The B’K, Kissing Dynamite Poetry, and Paddler Press. Currently he's querying his first novel: a twisty, thriller-mystery about a crafty assassin. You can find him on Twitter at @MattHsu19.

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