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Eccentric multi colored lights fade

into soft bulbs overhead,

whiteness blending into darkness of the night

An Uber traffic jam, police cruisers,

a row of quick bites to eat

it’s 2am, belly full of beer,

craving for pizza

Starving, drunk, flirtatious in line

a loud boom is heard from the street

A car backfire? A gunshot? Who cares?

Clearly this crowd, looking like

a scene from a zombie film

Time for toppings,

green peppers, ranch, pineapple, bacon

Chaotic, like the commotion outside, just right

Stepping out of the bar, onto the pavement,

into the cold outside air, stomach rumbling,

mind fogged, body aching,

Just another night Uptown


Ethan is graduating in May 2022 from Towson University with a degree in English. Sometimes, he writes silly little poems to cope with the state of this silly little world.

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