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I could taste the possibility in the rain

but now I'm in the Manhattan apartment.

Plain beige walls, unfurnished, so I furnish it with thoughts

a how will I make

mum proud couch

an I'm still scared

to socialise bed

and I don't think I

can do this forks,

knives, and spoons.

I'm still not even

finished yet

the honks

the hellos

and high skyscrapers,

the bright lights

like electronic

tomatoes and

other fruits

it's all too much for me unfortunately

everyday now I'm stepping in gloom, always under a thick dark whipped cloud, like 90% cocoa

dark chocolate.


Dorothy Lune is a Yorta Yorta poet, born in Australia, who has been writing poems for 4 years. She has a debut chapbook, entitled Heart Planetary, coming out in April 2022. Her work is forthcoming or published in Aurora Journal, Alternate Route, Ice Lolly Review, Open Leaf Press, Don't Submit, and more.

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